Vision and mision.

At KinderGarden Tenerife we strive to offer a safe, bright, clean and fun daycare for every child that visits, or lives on Tenerife. We are aiming to make life of the adventurous ones easier. Are you staying on Tenerife while working away from home? Then we are offering you a flexible, high quality daycare. You can make a reservation for a couple of days, weeks or even months. We will take care of your children with all our hearts to make sure you are able to work like you are used to at home. In case you are staying longer then three months, we consider your children as long-term stays. That means that we will offer them the same daycare program as our resident children (Montessori, Pre-school education, development monitoring and trimestral evaluations) because of the length of your stay. 

Are you on a shorter holiday and looking for a place to bring your child while you take some time to relax on the beach? Go on that gorgeous hike? Or have brunch, lunch or dinner with your loved ones? Or even go on that sailing trip to see the dolphins? Then KinderGarden Tenerife is your place to go. We will take care of your children and make sure they have a blast while you enjoy your free time!