About KinderGarden Tenerife

KinderGarden Tenerife was created by me: Myrthe Ramond. I have been traveling all over the world with my family for years. It was a constant struggle to find a high quality daycare for my son Julian, that would accept a new child for a shorter amount of time. As a result, I got to spend every day with Julian for more then 2 years. Which of course is a blessing, but I've had countless moments where I'd crave for some 'me-time', just to read a book or go to the hairdresser. After living on Tenerife for a couple of months per year for some years in a row, I decided to offer to parents what I had missed most. And therefore I created KinderGarden Tenerife!

Education and experience

I have a Masters Degree in Education and Child Studies (University of Leiden, the Netherlands) and I am a licensed Primary School Teacher (Bachelors Degree). I have worked with many families from different cultures that would require a little help in the upbringing of their kids or in the organization of their family life. I have been a teacher in regular and special needs Primary schools and I have been a Nannie for years in several families during my studies. 

Therefore, KinderGarden Tenerife isn't just a daycare or a playroom. I will do my best to guide your children in the best way possible to add a positive contribution to their development!